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Enter and View

Healthwatch Lincolnshire has the power to Enter and View providers, to observe matters relating to health and social care services.

The Enter and View activity for Healthwatch Lincolnshire involves visiting any publicly funded health and social care services in Lincolnshire, we visit so that we can see what is going on and to talk to service users, their relatives and carers, as well as staff.

Every local Healthwatch across the country has a legal responsibility to carry out an Enter and View programme.Enter and View Enter and View is not an inspection and our team are not inspectors like the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We are charged with collating the views and experiences of the people receiving care, friends and relatives.

Spotlight for 2015/2016

  • Local Medical Practices
  • Mental Health Services
  • Out of Hours Provision for Health
  • Residential Care and Home Care services

Reason for Visit Themes

We work closely with other partners as well as listening to the views and experiences of local people, these themes inform how we will visit services.

Imminent Visits

During March we will be visit 4 GP practices around the county.
During April and May we will visit more GP practices.
June and July we will look to visit out of hours services.

How does it work?

  1. Step 1
    We arrange a visit with the service and prepare our visiting team with relevant information.
  2. Step 2
    On an agreed date, our trained enter and view representatives spend time at the location, talking both to people receiving care and those providing it.
  3. Step 3
    We write and publish a report here and share it with the organisation involved, as well as the CQC, Healthwatch England and any other interested parties.

Previous Enter and View visits

Mostly recently we have visited the 3 Lincolnshire Hospital Sites (Lincoln, Boston and Grantham) to look at how discharge from hospital is managed, this piece of work was driven by local and national intelligence which led us to take an independent view of hospital discharge.

All our previous visit reports can be found here

Meet the Enter and View team

We have a team who function as the overarching lead for our Enter and View activity, the team members are:

Dr Brian Wookey, Healthwatch Board Member with Enter and View Lead Responsibility
Anne Whiting , Healthwatch Volunteer
John Rose, Healthwatch Board Member;
Nicola Tallent, Senior Engagement Officer with Responsibility for Enter and View & Specialist Cases
Dean Odell, Healthwatch Data Analyst

Authorised Representatives as at 1st February 2015

Anne Whiting
Anthony Cronin
Elizabeth White
Gill Allen
Helen Nicolls
Judith Riley

Lindsey Swinfield-Wells
Maureen Cassidy
Maureen Stevens
Michael Cassidy
Nancy Appleyard
Richard Groombridge
Sheila Wraith

Healthwatch related documents can be found here

Recent Reports

ULHT Care Planning and Discharge Report

ULHT AE Follow-Up Summary Oct 2014

Lincoln AE Follow-up Meeting – 20 Oct 2014

Grantham AE Follow-Up Meeting – 6th Aug 2014

Pilgrim AE Follow-Up Meeting – 30 Jul 14

If you want to know more about our Enter and View programme, please contact Nicola Tallent, 01205 820892 or