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Healthwatch Hubs

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Hub Network Update -23/01/2017

Groups have recently been involved in gathering responses for our 2 work projects: Immunisations, vaccinations and screening as well as Prescriptions and pharmacy use, so many thanks to all involved with the promotion and uptake of these surveys.

Over the next coming months we plan to strengthen the support and engagement between ourselves and the hubs and create even more opportunities for individual groups to get their voices heard on the health and social care subjects that are important to them. For more information on the Healthwatch hub network please make contact with Nicola at Healthwatch on 01205 820892 or email

Hub Network Update -16/11/2016

The network is continuing to grow with more groups linking in to tell us how their members are experiencing different health and care settings. We are busy compiling a list of contact details for the Hubs which we will be publishing on this page over the coming weeks.  If you are part of a group or organisation that would like to know more about how to get involved with this network please contact Nicola at Healthwatch for a chat 01209 820892

Hub Network Update – 19/9/2016

We have started to visit each of our  93 hub network groups across the county gathering feedback and ideas of how to make this network stronger for all.

Behind the scenes we are also working to join an extra 13 groups to this expanding communication channel. A full list of these groups and how to get in touch with them will be available on our website over the coming weeks


About Healthwatch Hubs

In each town and village we are asking existing and new local community groups to sign up to become part of the Healthwatch Lincolnshire network to help give feedback about local health and social care services.

Each group will be asked to discuss and feed back to Healthwatch Lincolnshire (a minimum of 4 times per year) of what their member’s recent experiences have been concerning all health and social care services.

This format is much more informal and we hope will enable people to feel more comfortable with sharing their experiences, it also helps us reach many more people. The information from the network will then be part of the quarterly provider network meetings that Healthwatch Lincolnshire will be facilitating involving local health and care organisation. We feel this will enable you to get your voice heard much quicker and straight to the heart of the people that need to hear it.

Community Groups

If you already run a community group or are keen to set one up and become part of the Healthwatch Hub network, Please feel free to email Nicola Tallent to discuss this further.

Local Service Provider and Commissioner

We would also like to open up the opportunity to our hubs to be part of influencing more services.  By offering local commissioners and providers of health and care services the chance to network with local people through our Healthwatch Hubs, we will be inviting many people to share their experiences.  For instance, community health may wish to ask hub members specific questions about their views of community nurses or health visitors.

If you are a local service provider or commissioner please contact Nicola Tallent – email for more information.