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New NHS technology means more time for patients

8th January 2019

The local mental health and learning disabilities trust, has installed a new electronic patient record system produced by a company called Servelec. The new system, called RiO, is an easy-to-use application which captures all patient information safely and securely, to ensure staff have the right information at the right time to support patient care.

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) has invested in RiO, which should support staff to spend more time with patients due to its user friendly interface and ease of capturing information.

RiO can also work offline, and will be used across Lincolnshire in rural locations, enabling staff to access the system, where appropriate, in patient homes. Over 1,600 LPFT staff are trained to use the new system, which holds records relating to 202,080 patients.

Sarah Connery, Director of Finance and Information at LPFT said: “We have worked closely with Servelec, staff, commissioners and patient representatives to build a specification that best meets our needs. We now feel we have developed an easy-to-use, intuitive but robust clinical system that enables our staff to work effectively and efficiently to care for our patients. It is early days as RiO went live in September – but we look forward to evidencing the benefits of the investment once the system is bedded in.”

Neil Laycock, Managing Director of Servelec’s healthcare business said: “Long-term care is at the centre of RiO’s design principles and we’ve designed it to be completely patient-centric for LPFT. It’s available on multiple devices, which is essential, given the locations and job roles of users and patients.

“Working together, we’ve completed the project in six months, so we’re confident that the next stages, such as SMS appointment communication, will be a short leap away.”