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15th February 2016

fandfpicChildren and Parents  – ‘Our Opinions’

We are pleased to be able to highlight that over 1,100 people supported this project by completing in-depth surveys. The 1,100 included pupils from 20 primary schools and parents. This large response provided us with a robust set of data for Lincolnshire; the findings in this report are the results of ‘their voice’.

There is much national evidence that demonstrates concerns (which are acknowledged) regarding lack of physical activity and the relationship of a sedentary lifestyle and consumption of food and drink among children and young people. This national, as well as our and other local intelligence, was used as a benchmark throughout this report and referenced accordingly.

As part of the initiative to address some of the national and local concerns, we welcome the Department for Education initiative of providing funding for school kitchen pods under the universal free meals programme and Lincolnshire County Council’s rapid response in securing over £1m to support 7 schools to provide nutritious, well balanced and wholesome meals.

One Lincolnshire Headteacher has said: “The impact of the school’s kitchen pod has been dramatic. I have been stunned at the increased volume of fresh vegetables, salad and fruit that is now being consumed!”

Whilst we recognise the good works that are being implemented within some of our Lincolnshire schools, from the outcome of our work it appears that more can and needs to be done.

Food and Fitness Report Final Feb 2016