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Healthwatch urge the public to get involved in Healthy Conversations Today launches opportunities for the public in Lincolnshire to ‘Have their say’ about proposed changes to healthcare services.
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“This opportunity should not be taken lightly, it really is the best chance yet to be involved in shaping our health services in Lincolnshire, the more people that speak, the more influence we have about our how our services will be delivered in the future.  We urge everyone to get involved.” said

Sarah Fletcher, CEO of Healthwatch Lincolnshire.

What will be discussed at the Healthy Conversations?

It is anticipated that the ‘Healthy Conversation 2019’ will run into the autumn and there will be a wide range of engagement events and discussions across the county.  Healthy Conversation 2019 will be an open engagement exercise where you will hear about proposed changes to our hospital and community services amongst others.  Additionally, there will be wider conversations about bigger investments in our NHS services including mental health, GPs and cancer.  You will also be able to ask questions to help you understand what the proposed changes mean to you, which is really important and will help you to ‘Have your say’.

So, most importantly how can you get involved?

Firstly, Healthy Conversations are starting in March and will continue through to the autumn.  These events are being run by the NHS in Lincolnshire and the first four are being held between 2-7pm as follows:

  • Boston: Wednesday 13th March 2019, Len Medlock Centre
  • Louth: Thursday 14th March 2019, Louth Library
  • Skegness: Tuesday 19th March 2019, The Storehouse
  • Grantham: Wednesday 20th March 2019, Jubilee Centre

To find out more about the Healthy Conversations please follow this link

Secondly, if you would prefer not to attend in person but would like your views to be heard please complete the online survey by clicking the button below

Have your say - Complete the survey

You can also contact us at Healthwatch by email or telephone and tell us what you are thinking. 

01205 820892.


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