Case studies needed for children’s oral health campaign

Case studies needed for children’s oral health campaign

NHS Dental are looking for families or colleagues with stories to tell as part of a children’s oral health campaign, due to launch across the Midlands in December. You may already be familiar with A Little Trip To The Dentist which has been running in the West Midlands over the past few months. They are now looking to support this more widely and are keen to get local case studies for areas right across the region.

These case studies could be used to create short videos, written stories, press releases, blogs or picture stories, depending on the people involved and what they’re most comfortable with. Ideally, they would like to hear about stories which fit the following:

  • Children who suffered severe tooth decay requiring extractions or intensive treatment, which could have been prevented with an earlier trip to the dentist
  • Families who have had experiences of tooth decay or dental issues so are being much more careful with their youngest child, having started trips to the dentist early 
    • This could be parents who had decay and extractions or brothers and sisters
  • Colleagues or organisations who are doing good work around encouraging early trips to the dentist 
    • Such as baby clinics, family clinics etc.
  • Children whose dental issues were spotted early and preventative action could be taken due to early visits to a dentist

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you think you know of a story which they could use as part of the campaign, do get in touch 

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