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5 Steps

We all have health and care rights but alongside rights come responsibilities.

Healthwatch Lincolnshire recognises that for many people taking some responsibility for their own overall health will help to reduce many serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

5 Simple Steps

  1. Support services can help you to stop smoking or lose weight, it’s much easier if you do use them
  2. Try to do something active every day, it’s not all about running miles, armchair keep fit is a great way for some
  3. Eat healthy by ensuring you have a balanced diet and reduce any alcohol habits, small changes make a big difference
  4. Present yourself at a GP surgery to register and keep any appointments made and attend health checks
  5. Social activity groups or clubs can help you to meet new people

You don’t have to make the changes on your own, you are more likely to succeed if you are helped.  There are lots of local organisations and national support where you can get lots of help, Click here to find out more.

Remember – Prevention is much better than the cure