#HWL19 - Changes you want to see to health and social care in Lincolnshire

With the launch of annual report we wanted to highlight the areas that the residents of Lincolnshire felt there was room to change in their health and social care services.

Last year we heard directly from 2,999 people who told us about their experience of health and social care services. Here are some examples of the changes they want to see:

  • Joined up services, people want to be treated holistically, without the need to keep repeating themselves.
  • More NHS dentists available in Lincolnshire, especially areas such as Spalding, Mablethorpe and Lincoln.
  • Timely access to services; people are concerned about long waiting times for appointments, treatment and results across all services.
  • Improvement in communications.  People want more clarity with both written and verbal communications from the people who are providing their healthcare services.
  • Some people told us they felt staff attitudes were not helpful.  They accept demand on services leads to stress but don’t feel they should be blamed or poorly treated as a result.
  • Equality in services, particularly for people living in rural areas.

Do health and social care services know what you really think?

Share your ideas and experiences and help services hear what works, what doesn’t, and what you want from care in the future. 

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