Chief Executive - Sarah Fletcher

I started work for Healthwatch Lincolnshire as Chief Executive Officer on 1st August 2013 and during the past 4 years I have been honoured to be leading such an important organisation for Lincolnshire, which at its heart is driven by the voice of patients, carers and service users.

To assist me in my role, previous experience gained in finances, funding, charity & organisational management, system administration, staff management; along with health and care knowledge through supporting a Carers Centre, Learning Disability Advocacy and Direct Payments for disabled people, has been very beneficial.  However, I am still learning everyday about Healthwatch and its required functions.

My main responsibilities include day-to-day operational needs of the organisation, overseeing the reporting of health and care experiences, supporting our great staff team, and our board of Directors and working within our Strategic Priorities. What is fantastic about Healthwatch is no 2 days are the same.  

01205 820 892

Our staff

Nicola Clarke - Partnership and Development Manager


"I have been involved with Healthwatch Lincolnshire since its start early in 2013. I will be out and about meeting local people across the South West of the County, so if you live in Sleaford/Grantham or any of the surrounding villages I am keen to hear about your health and social care experiences - those that are positive but also those which you have found more challenging.  Views and experiences could relate to you, a family member or perhaps a neighbour or friend. All information is kept confidential and no names are required.  If you want to speak to me please don't hesitate to contact me.  Alternatively, if you would like me to hold a community drop-in in your local area or attend a local group please contact me and I will be happy to develop this with you."


Dean Odell - Contract Coordiantor 

01205 820 892

"I joined Healthwatch in February 2014.  I have a degree in Psychology with Forensic Psychology and gained a Masters in Forensic Psychology at the University of Lincoln. I look forward to working on new and exciting projects within Healthwatch Lincolnshire."

Julie Evans - Information Sign-posting & Safeguarding Officer

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"Prior to joining the team at Healthwatch Lincolnshire in January 2014, I worked for a local private hospital for 9 years. My role as Information Sign-posting & Safeguarding Officer is to give information on how to resolve any health and social care concerns. I will also pass on compliments as requested. Whilst your personal information will be kept confidential, the details of your issue will be recorded and shared with the relevant health and social care bodies. I will also signpost you to other organisations who may also be able to help you further."

Emma Batty - Volunteer Officer

 01205 820892  or 07436 581999

"I joined the team at Healthwatch Lincolnshire in January 2018 as the Volunteer Officer. With a background in business, leisure and health, managing teams and supporting volunteers, I’m enjoying using my skills and experience to grow and support our fantastic volunteer team at Healthwatch.   

My role is to ensure public feedback is gathered by volunteers from a variety of health and social care settings and community venues across the county.  Volunteers are vital to Healthwatch Lincolnshire’s core role as the independent voice of health and social care, so recruiting, training and retaining a strong volunteer base is essential. Supporting our dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers is great, I enjoy every day, knowing that we’re helping make a difference to health services in Lincolnshire."

Pam Royales - PA Administrator

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"I joined Healthwatch Lincolnshire in December 2017.  New to the area, I relocated from Greater Manchester, only 10 weeks earlier with my husband’s job.  I was looking for work that would help me feel part of the community and give me the commitment I needed to comfortably fit in.  HWL ticked all the boxes. With both NHS and Local Government background I bring with me my Administration knowledge and skills along with the experience, dedication and achievements gained in my role as a PA. I feel honoured and privileged to be part of such a fabulous team, settling in nicely I already feel that Lincolnshire is ‘home’ and I look forward to establishing my position with my colleagues at HWL and the challenges that lie ahead."

Oonagh Quinn - Stakeholder Engagement Officer

01205 820892

"I joined Healthwatch Lincolnshire in January 2014 as the Engagement Officer for the East and had additional responsibilities for Communications across the organisation.  Under our restructuring from 1 April 2017, I now hold the position of Stakeholder Engagement Officer for the whole of the county of Lincolnshire. 

So what will I be doing?  Building opportunities for partnership development and community engagement; work collaboratively with organisations and local businesses to gain support for community involvement; gather information and intelligence to make informed decisions about community engagement; to lead on the engagement of Stakeholder groups through a variety of different methods which will include identification of community groups, employers, organisations and businesses; maintain networks with organisations; organise and manage events. 

Want to find out more? Available to attend small or large groups to discuss how your organisation / business can support your employees to get involved with Healthwatch Lincolnshire ; informal or formal presentations; support focus groups or develop a HUB within the community.  Look forward to hearing from you!"