#HWL19 - Our 2018/19 Highlights

#HWL19 During the past year Healthwatch Lincolnshire has engaged with over 8,445 people from many different communities, ages and backgrounds. Here are some of our Highlights from the Year:
  • 2,999 people shared their health and social care story directly with our Information Signposting Officer.
  • We have 40 volunteers helping to carry
    out our work. Together they contributed up to 2,233 hours of work.

  • 1,933 people accessed Healthwatch advice and information online or contacted us with questions about local support.

  • We visited over 220 services and community events to understand people’s experiences of care.

  • Produced and distributed 539 reports, these were sent to individual providers as well as system leaders.

  • Our website has had over 48,000 page views and our Facebook page has reached over 153,044 people.

  • In Autumn of 2018 we invited Lincolnshire people to tell us which services are important to them.  561 people voted and the results determined our project activities for 2019 – 2021.
  • Organised 4 yourvoice@HWL events with 210 people in attendance (mix of general public and stakeholders).

  • Identified 61 areas  of impact we have made.  These include help for individual people e.g. for them to access non-emergency transport, along with how and where Healthwatch Lincolnshire has helped to influence changes to our healthcare services.

  • We have raised 638 questions, suggestions and recommendations through our report to healthcare providers and commissioners.

  • The experiences of 3,197 people’s experiences were used in our reports. 

  • We received 729 provider and commissioner responses. These responses were shared with people, often giving them the much needed answers to questions that were important to them.

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