#HWL19 - 2020 Vision for healthcare in Lincolnshire

For a long time we have heard from the people of Lincolnshire telling us they are confused and concerned about what is happening to their NHS services.

To enable Lincolnshire residents to have an opportunity to learn more, on 6 July 2018 in Lincoln, Healthwatch organised an event for the general public to come and meet, listen to, debate and question five senior county NHS Leaders.

Our objective for this event was to increase awareness of healthcare challenges and most importantly changes we are facing by 2020.  Feedback from the event confirmed we were able to achieve this outcome.


“Just to say I thought it was a really timely and a well-run event and exactly the right thing to do – well done. I’m happy to support other similar sessions if it would be helpful. Please thank your team”

Jan Sobieraj, Chief Executive, ULHT

Watch this space...

Our intention is to repeat this activity in the future to gauge change, public perceptions and consider the wider issues impacting on health and care such as transport.

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