HWLincs reaccredited with the Carers Quality Award

HWLincs have just been reaccredited with the Carers Quality Award.
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HWLIncs have just been reaccredited with the Carers Quality Award. Having first been granted the award in 2017 HWLincs (formerly Healthwatch Lincolnshire) have worked tirelessly to ensure carers are always involved in the work we do. 

The Lincolnshire Carers Charter Quality Award ‘You Care – We Care’ ensures that the profile of unpaid carers in Lincolnshire is raised and the invaluable and essential contribution they make is recognised enabling carers to live fulfilling lives combined with their caring roles. Undertaking the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award to achieve the recognised quality award ‘You Care – We Care’ is a positive experience and strengthens organisational effectiveness and achieves recognition for the valuable way an organisation supports those carers with whom it works. It ensures the continuing development of quality approaches for those with caring responsibilities across Lincolnshire and beyond.

By adopting the Carers Charter, organisations pledge to identify, recognise and value carers; engage with and involve carers; inform, advise and support carers; respect and enable carers; support carers in education , training and employment

A spokesperson for HWLincs said

‘We were proud to be one of the first ten non medical related organisations to be granted the award and the renewal of this award shows our continued commitment to recognising carers in everything we do.'

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