Mayathon October Challenge

#OctoberBuddyBoost, is a simple  fitness activity challenge by free app mayathon.


#OctoberBuddyBoost, is a simple  fitness activity challenge by free app mayathon. Download the app on your phone to start the challenge on 1 October and aim to do 26 minutes of exercise for 26 days in a row. You can buddy-up (virtually)  with up to five buddies to support you, and send each other buddy boost emojis (you could also set up a Whats app group to chat to and encourage your buddies further).

Record your activity each day and how it made you feel. You can choose how you want to get active, from walking to yoga or gardening. It’s not competitive and you can choose how far and fast you go.

Active Lincolnshire and mayathon will both be sharing ideas on how to get active on social media during October.

For more information see the (attached) pdf and visit where you can also find an app explainer video on the homepage, which walks you through how the app works.

Download the app for iOS

Download the app for Android

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