Stamford Health, Education and Awareness Charity

Stamford Health, Education and Awareness Charity

Written by Keith Spurr

Stamford Health, Education and Awareness Charity

I would like to thank LCVS to enable me to contact you regarding our Education Events planned for Next Year. Below is a summary of the purpose of the charity and our agenda for 2021.

As an introduction, I am Chair of the Stamford Health, Education and Awareness Charity.  The charity has been formed out of Lakeside Stamford PPG. Historically, when all the Stamford surgeries merged in 2017 the remaining PPG took over the charitable responsibilities of the St Mary’s practice. However, the new PPG committee that was elected in January 2020 believed that it could not function as a voice for Lakeside Patients and have a charity status. So, the charity was separated from the current PPG in January 2020.

A new constitution for the charity was formed and the purpose of the charity highlighted in its new name - Stamford Health Education and Awareness Charity – (SHEAC)

The purpose of SHEAC is to deliver a series of health education events. Initially the intention was to run live events in Stamford and then develop a virtual platform that contained webinars on health subjects that are relevant to the community of Stamford. We are hopeful that we can launch this service in 2021.

We believe that there is a place for a health education website that can collate and offer a focused suite of health education topics to the community. Although there is a lot of information about health on the internet, our experience is that people only search when they have a health issue. We are also intending to work with local schools to see if a focused health education page on their websites would accelerate health education to children and their parents.

With the facility of zoom we can still have virtual meetings through webinars that can be delivered in Lincolnshire and beyond. Each event would also be available on our website (www. once we have finished developing the site.

We have provisionally organized a series of events with topics including Dementia, Living with Diabetes, Health in Retirement, Mental Wellbeing with the support of Mindspace with about 100 people in attendance for each.

The list below lists the potential events that we are considering for next year. We would be interested in opening dialogue with anyone / organisation that would be able to present a webinar on the following subjects: -

  1. Elderly Frail                        
    1. Falls,
    2. Promoting Physical Activity when Elderly
  1. Children                              
    1. Relationships in the real world
    2. Relationships in the Virtual World
    3. Relationships for Children in their combined virtual and real world

Other Children topics we are considering next year are: -

  • Young Carers Money Management - Parents with Children under 5
  • Language
  • Inoculations
  • Preparing for school
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Education
  • Self- Harming
  • Gambling Harm
  1. Mental Health                  
    1. Relationships for Adults
    2. Anorexia
    3. Dementia
    4. Anxiety and Depression
    5. Covid and mental health
  1. Health Promotion
    1. Virtual Heath Diagnosis/Treatment,
    2. Food Use/Misuse, Allergies and Asthma
    3. Over prescribing and alternative therapies
    4. Living with and beyond Cancer
    5. Pain Management
    6. COPD
    7. Good Neighbours, Building a Community(ies)
    8. Carers of those who abuse substances.
    9. COVID & Long- Term Impact

The charity has funds that would be used to publicise the events and can provide a Zoom facility for the events.

I am also Chair of Stamford and Ruland Diabetes Peer Group. We are considering the following topics: Diabetes and Covid, Diabetes and feet, Diabetes with Sheffield Diabetes Centre, Diabetes and Physical Activity, Diabetes and Diet, and Diabetes with Sailability

If you are interested in working with us on any other above topics, or you have a suggestion about other health education topics, please contact me on

Many thanks

Keith Spurr

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