Identifying early signs of worsening health in a person with a learning disability

Identifying early signs of worsening health in a person with a learning disability


About this Event

This free online training is for family carers only and has been designed to help carers easily identify signs that someone may be unwell and to let them know what they should do next. The workshop is free and only for carers of someone who is over the age of 16.  This version of Restore2mini™ has been specially adapted for people caring for people with a learning disability.




How to register

Please choose your preferred event date from the list below and follow the booking process to reserve a place. Please click on the hyperlink of the session date and time you would like to attend, from the right-hand side of the table.  The training is 90 minutes long and you will only need to attend one of our sessions.

When registering for the event, you will need to create a Multiverse events account if you don’t have one already. This just takes a couple of minutes and the steps are very easy to follow. You will be asked for your job title and company, if you are a full time carer, please write ‘not applicable’ in these sections.

Once you have created an account, you can choose your preferred date and time and follow the instructions on how to reserve your place.

Please check your email address carefully when registering as all information will be sent to this address. If you have not received a link to join within 2 hours of the session start time please contact

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