Can you help us prioritise the most important issues affecting GP consultations?

We’re keen to hear from patients registered at an NHS GP practice

Previous research with GPs in the East of England found a range of issues that regularly interrupt the work of GPs, including computer problems, missing test results, and missing equipment. These problems (called “operational failures”) can affect how your GP works and how they spend their time with you.

We now want to find out what matters most to patients in terms of addressing these issues. If you are a patient aged 18 or over registered at an NHS GP practice, we would like to hear your views, to help us decide what we should focus on in future research. We invite you to take part in an online survey, which will help us reach agreement on which issues are the most important and should be prioritised for improvement.

Taking part

The study involves completing two online surveys (approximately one month apart), which should take about 15 minutes each.


  • People regularly using GP services
  • Able to register for the project via the online platform or with support of an advocate
  • Able to complete both rounds
  • Able to read and complete the survey in English

Please note there are only 6 places available to take part. On completion of 2 surveys £25 voucher will be issued by email to the person or advocate.

To find out more and express interest in taking part please contact info@healthwatchlincolnshire or call 01205 820892 

If you would like more information about this study, please contact the research team on

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