Lincolnshire Community Diagnostic Centres: Phase 1 Survey

Lincolnshire Community Diagnostic Centres: Phase 1 Survey

Over the past five years, demand for diagnostic services in England has risen at a greater rate than increases in its capacity. The COVID-19 pandemic has made these challenges even worse, resulting in substantial increases to waiting lists and waiting times for some diagnostic services. In addition, our need to reduce risk of infection and social distancing means that we haven’t been able to see as many patients and for some, it takes longer for them to move through the service. In Lincolnshire, we are currently planning the implementation of Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) that will play a crucial role in easing these pressures and continue to support quicker patient diagnosis.
CDCs will provide a broad range of elective diagnostic services located away from the main acute hospitals, providing easier and quicker access to tests and greater convenience to patients, as well as relieving pressure on the main hospitals by reducing outpatient referrals and attendance.

Your involvement in these plans is important and Lincolnshire CCG would like to hear your views to identify any benefits which we can maximise, concerns we can mitigate and identify principles to shape the delivery of future CDCs.

Please share the link to this surey with your family, friends, colleagues and communities so that we can hear the views of as many people as possible to make sure the service is fit for the population of Lincolnshire.

Follow this link to the Survey:


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