Healthwatch Lincolnshire announces new date for its postponed YourVoice event

The Healthwatch Lincolnshire team has announced a new date for its next YourVoice@Healthwatch event

The Healthwatch Lincolnshire team has announced a new date for its next YourVoice@Healthwatch event, the first of this year, following the postponement of the original date in January 2022. The event was unfortunately delayed from 26th January due to unforeseen circumstances and the unavailability of some panel members,but returns now bigger and better than ever on Wednesday 30th March with a fresh new format and online delivery.

The latest YourVoice@Healthwatch event will feature the topic of dental services across Lincolnshire and will include an expert panel who will be discussing key dental issues and advice in addition to answering attendees’ pre-submitted questions.

This latest YourVoice@Healthwatch has had a makeover, bringing within its new format a selection of interviews with dental experts, quick polls and a host of information and advice in the lead up to the event day, with some exciting content and news to look out for on the Healthwatch Lincolnshire website and social media feeds. You can follow these here:

YourVoice@Healthwatch takes place online on Wednesday 30th March from 10.00am until 11.00am. The public are encouraged to submit their dental related questions in advance to the panel who will answer these on the day.

Currently the panel consists of: 

  • Kenneth Hume Chair of Lincolnshire Dental Committee
  • Lucy Gavens Public Health
  • Adam Morby NHS England and NHS Improvements

To register your place and submit a question:

The YourVoice@Healthatch events take place quarterly either face-to-face or online and have become a focal point for the Lincolnshire community to obtain information on a variety of carefully chosen topics that are either in the news or have been causing concern. They also serve as an excellent platform to air views giving people the opportunity to have their say in community health and social care.

For more information please contact Oonagh Quinn at Healthwatch Lincolnshire on 01205 820892 or email:

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