Blu-Tack warriors, art works and string creations

This Autism Acceptance week (28 March - 3 April)

This Autism Acceptance week (28 March - 3 April), Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s children and young people’s team has been working with young people with autism to explore creative and meaningful ways to help them self-sooth and regulate their mental health and well-being. 

Carla Conyers, a Parent/Carer Peer Support Worker from the Trust, explains:

“Autistic people tend to have intense focus, amazing attention to detail, a really considered approach and can think creatively. With this in mind, we’ve explored new ways to use their strengths and skills to help them regulate their mental health.

“Our young people all have different skills and talents, so for example: Toby likes making string, Florjan is very talented at making blu-tack models – he created a DJ, a soldier and a superhero, Robert loves to draw portraits and places he has been, and Lilly likes colouring rabbits. All are amazingly talented!

“These creative works are now displayed in waiting rooms in Boston.”

Carla adds:

“My son has autism so it was really important for me and my team to acknowledge and celebrate Autism Acceptance Week as it is about increasing acceptance and understanding of autism. 

“I hope we can continue to accept and understand young people with autism for who they are and understand and support the differences within us all.”

For more information on Autism support visit or follow #austismacceptanceweek on social media.

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