HWL Escalation Paper - CCG Governing Board Feb 19

Read our escalation paper for the CCG Governing board meeting which includes patient Comments related to : Ear care; Fragility of Primary Care services; Pain Management
ear care

Why is Healthwatch Lincolnshire bringing this to your attention?

HWL believes that it is our role as the independent public voice to continue to raise concerns. Whilst we appreciate that many, if not all of these issues raised, will not be new, we are mindful that we are not seeing changes in the experiences of patients, carers and service users we talk to in the ‘here and now’.

It is for these reasons we are raising these issues with your organisation. This paper includes questions which we believe are in the interest of the public, and also services and commissioners as they provide a mechanism for dialogue.

1. Ear Care / Syringing
The inequity for patients in terms of accessing ear syringing has been raised by ourselves before, however we are now hearing more concern from patients about the lack of and inequality of service in the county.

2. Fragility of Primary Care services and links to managing patient safety
Every month we receive patient comments about access to GP appointments. However what we are seeing is a growing potential for patient harm as a direct result.

3. Pain Management
Patient perception of pain management services has been on our highlight report a number of times. However we have recently completed an immediate escalation paper due to the growing concerns raised from the current providers of pain management services.


Download the report below