HWL Escalation Paper - CCG Governing Board Jan 19

Read our escalation paper for the CCG Governing board meeting which includes patient Comments related to : Dental, Mental health, ULHT and Social Care
dentist seeing to patient

Why is Healthwatch Lincolnshire bringing this to your attention?

HWL believes that it is our role as the independent public voice to continue to raise concerns. Whilst we appreciate that many, if not all of these issues raised, will not be new, we are mindful that we are not seeing changes in the experiences of patients, carers and service users we talk to in the ‘here and now’.

It is for these reasons we are raising these issues with your organisation. This paper includes questions which we believe are in the interest of the public, and also services and commissioners as they provide a mechanism for dialogue.

1. Dental

Irrespective of the circumstances around the reasons for closure the issues appear to be:

  • Communication – with patients, patients are given a variety of numbers some of which are inaccurate causing confusion and anxiety for patients, the number for PALS on the last communication for Bupa in Mablethorpe was incorrect.
  • Communication – practices that patients have been signposted to need to be readily prepared to talk to patients.
  • Communication – Closed lists for dentists is something we hear shouldn’t happen, how should practices be explaining this to patients?

2. Mental Health

Irrespective of the reassurances given by LPFT and the recent CQC report. We continue to hear patient experiences which contradict this, issues raised this month included:

  • Delayed appointments and waiting times for interventions (young people’s services)
  • Limited discharge procedures and appropriate information and signposting for patients.
  •  Comment related to postnatal depression and the suggestion that medication rather than alternative therapies seems to be the automatic option.


Various issues both positive and negative but thematic areas for escalation related to:

  • Car parking, we hope that the changes that have put in place will now be monitored closely to ensure no issues are passed to those using the facilities either in terms of stress, time delays or extra expense.
  • Cleanliness of the departments, wards and facilities was seen as an issue during this report along with reports of ‘food/meal time’ related concerns.
  • Concern about the procedures when it comes to cancellation of appointments and the lack of notification for patients.
  • Concerns raised over the use of community midwives on the wards and what impact this has on community midwifery.


Download the full report below