People's Service User Experiences - Dec 2018

This report created by Healthwatch Lincolnshire provides a monthly summary report for all patient, carer and service user experiences received during December 2018 where 148 experiences have been shared.
Monthly report Healthwatch Lincolnshire

The experiences reported are those of the patients and not of Healthwatch, and therefore we annot be held responsible for the context or factual accuracy, but do present them as the patient voice in confedence.

We report all individually raised experiences directly to health and care service providers, this enables providers of Health & Care services to be aware of
the comments raised about their services and respond to any specific questions raised.

Where questions have been asked of providers, Healthwatch
Lincolnshire - requirement is for 20 day provider response.

Where questions have been raised with service providers we have included provider responses in this report, where received. Healthwatch has a legal
requirement to ask for responses within a 20 working day period.

Using our statutory powers Healthwatch Lincolnshire request responses from providers within 20 working days.

The responses we have not received to
date are named below:-

October 18
Cleveland GP Surgery; Hereward GP Surgery; Diana Princess of Wales Hospital.

November 18
The Sidings GP Surgery; Billinghay GP Surgery

December 18


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Healthwatch Lincolnshire Report of Patient, Carer, Service User Experiences - December 2018