Parents/Carers of Teens With Sleep Difficulties

The Sleep Charity is seeking 50 parent/carers of youngsters aged 13 – 18 years old who live in Lincolnshire and have sleep difficulties.

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Foundation, The Sleep Charity are developing a teen sleep journal to support young people to improve their sleep. 


Want to know more?

The Sleep Charity will provide you with online training to develop your understanding of your child’s sleep issue.  They will also send you a copy of a sleep journal to share with your child, this will support them through a four-week programme.



The Sleep Charity are working in partnership with the evaluation team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital to measure the impact that the project has.  The parent/carers recruited must be prepared to speak with members of the evaluation team to give feedback around the project.

The project is set to launch in the Autumn.  To be considered please complete the application form.

To find out more please contact us on

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